Sunday, January 13, 2013

Texas Sunset, Texas Snow

Roger here....    We have been experiencing several unusually chilly and rainy days (highs in the fifties and low sixties).  The weather forecast a couple of evenings ago indicated that the rains were over and the temperatures were to rise.   Dianne was cooking dinner while I was lugging the outdoor cushions back outdoors.  Then I looked up.  Wow.  The sky was ablaze.  I ran inside the motor home to get the camera.  I was too late to get a shot of an amazing rainbow, but look at the outrageous shots I did get.  

Even the more subtle colors were awe-inspiring in these vast western skies.

Our friends, Mike and Brenda, and their fluffy white dogs, Lucy and Lucky, wandered down the street while I was taking the sunset pictures.

The next few days were wonderful with sunny temperatures in the mid-seventies and low eighties.  AND THEN IT SNOWED.  It snowed on an eighty degree day --- South Texas style ---- BLACK.  Check out the black snow drift in front of the coach house.  

South Texas snow is a phenomenon that occurs when one of the local farmers burns his sugar cane fields.  It typically occurs at least one time a year, without warning.  The weather app on our cell phone gave us no warning, whatsoever.

The black snow is kind of messy.  However, it is easy to get rid of with a leaf blower.  Thankfully, we kept our leaf blower when we dispensed with most of our other "stuff" after my retirement.

The pet picture of the day was taken a couple of nights ago on Dianne's action-motivated wildlife cam from our back yard.  Say hi to one of our local coyotes.


Bill and Nancy said...

Glad to hear from you two!! Not so sure about that black snow;o((

We're experiencing some very warm weather here in Florida this is fantastic:o))

Jill said...

Wow! You should make a framed collage of those awesome sunset pictures.