Sunday, August 19, 2012

Indiana - food, friends, fun, work

Roger here...  After spending three weeks in Indiana, thanks to Frontier Airlines and a Kia Soul rental car, I am back home with Dianne and the menagerie near Colorado Springs.  While Dianne was enjoying all the wildlife here (wildlife meaning bears and deer), I was doing human resources presentations for the employees of my former employer.  I actually enjoy speaking in front of large groups of people, so my very part-time working stint was fun.  

This is very hard for me.  I am going to tell you about my time in Indiana in categories rather than chronological order.  Not using chronology is difficult, so bear with me.  

FOOD.....   I am now on a diet.  I have never weighed this much and I don't like it.  I used to drink a high calorie supplement in college because I was so skinny.  Just look at the opening picture featuring the delicious blueberry cheesecake that my sister-in-law, Pam, prepared and you will understand why I added pounds that I did not need in Indiana.

During a camping trip at Turkey Run State Park we ate non-stop.  In addition to the delicious meals that our group prepared, our friend Cindy fixed eggs (infused with leftovers) every morning.  Chuck kept my glass filled with breakfast juice.  (Ignore the IU symbol on the glass --- I forced myself to drink it anyway).

I stayed with our dear friends, Jay and Nancy.  Nancy made every effort to serve healthy, delicious food, but it was so good that I ate too much of it.

During a weekend visit to see my brother and sister-in-law, I could not be rude and leave scraps behind on my plate.  It was really out of kindness that I ate everything on my plate - including the cheesecake.

FRIENDS... I do not have pictures of everyone I saw.  I was not in blog mode, so I did not think about it.  All the photos were taken with my iPhone.   I had great meals with lots of friends, many of whom I used to work with, including:  Brian, Mike, Mike, Jim, Lois, Beth, and Dan.  I had a great visit and dinner with former neighbors Sam and Pam (more food).  

I did think to take a few pictures.  This is my only sibling, Dick, and his wife -- the cheesecake maker, Pam.  

This is Jay and Nancy.  I spent most of my time during this visit to Indiana in their home.  They actually introduced me to Dianne many years ago.  We were in each other's weddings.  It is great to have such great friends.

This is Jay and Nancy's (and our) friend, Gayla.  She spent the weekend with us at Lake Cordry in southern Indiana and had a great dinner with us at Bonge's Tavern.

I spent a weekend at Turkey Run State Park in the new fifth wheel belonging to our friends, Chuck and Cindy.  I can't believe that I do not have pictures of them.      Nor, do I have pictures of the other friends who were there:  Pat, Audrey, Jessica, Linda, Linda, Linda (yes, three Lindas), Kathy and Kris.  I do have a picture of the new fifth wheel.

FUN...  I spent a weekend at Jay and Nancy's lake cottage.  I saw The Campaign with Dick and Pam -- very funny!  I read a lot.  I had dinner with Sam and Pam at Harry and Izzy's, I reminisced with my old high school buddy, Dan.  I caught up on all the great things that are happening with my former employer - Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

I joined Dick, Pam, and Pam's mom in a game of Aggravation.  Dick was my partner and we won.  Dick always wins at any game or athletic contest, so it is important to have him as a partner.

I had a great time camping with Chuck, Cindy, et al. at Turkey Run State Park.  This is an annual gathering highlighted by a kayaking trip down Sugar Creek.  This is what Sugar Creek looked like.  Note the large sand bars on both sides of the creek and the lack of moving water.  The extended drought in the midwest (among other places) did a number on our annual kayaking trip.  Somehow, it did not seem like fun to hike down the middle of the creek while towing the kayaks behind us.  So..... the kayaking was replaced by board games, corn hole, and of course breakfast juice.

I had to take this picture of the "no swimming" sign laying in the middle of what usually is a deep area of the creek.  I don't think anyone will be drowning in the remaining trickle of water in the near future.

One of the highlights was a dinner with Jay, Nancy and Gayla at Bonge's.  Bonge's is an iconic eating establishment in Central Indiana.  It is located in a ramshackle building in the town of Perkinsville --- population, about 18.  Despite the description, this place is legendary.  It does not take reservations.  People wait in the gravel parking lot for crazy amounts of time for a table.  The food prepared by a gourmet chef is amazing (more food).  I tried something new, duck.  It was delicious.

WORK....  I already told you about that.

THE PET PICTURES OF THE DAY....   While Dianne was fending off bears, I spent quality time with a more domestic lot.

Jay and Nancy's son, Quinn, owns my favorite Pendleton, Indiana dog, Bonzi.  Enjoying couch time with Bonzi is the neighborhood cat, Bruiser.

Pat and Audrey's new puppy, Ranger.

Chuck and Cindy's Sophie (the luckiest dog in Fishers, Indiana).

Dick and Pam's, Sammie.

We will return to our Colorado adventures in the next post.   Check back soon!

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