Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Bandido here....   It has been raining here since last Saturday.  Mom and Dad say that the rain is needed, but I am sick and tired of sitting in the motor home watching old Dog Whisperer episodes.  Except for the first rain, most of the rain has been drizzle, but it has been chilly (50s) so our fun trips outside have been short.  Mom has been busy making 16 pie crusts for the Retama Community Christmas Dinner.  I am not allowed in the coach house when she is cooking, and even worse, I am not invited to the dinner.  I have not been a happy puppy.  Grrrr.

Everything changed yesterday.  The sun came out.  The wind dried up the mud.  The temperature climbed to the mid-70s.  I let Mom and Dad know that it was time to get off their butts and get outside by closing Dad's computer with my paw and vocalizing a few doleful whines.  Works every time.

I thought we were headed to the dog park when I saw Dad putting on his shoes.  So, I helped him along by licking his face and nipping at his feet when he put on his socks.  They surprised me though, when they did not take the turn to the dog park.  At first I was upset, but I sensed that this might be a long walk.  I was right.

After a short stroll, we arrived at the entrance to Bentsen Rio Grande State Park.  I have been here before.  It is a fun place.  Lots of things to smell.

We passed a couple of Border Patrol cars as we entered the park.  The agents always wave to me.  They are so nice.  I try to never bark at them because they might take me away from my parents and send me to Mexico.

We looked at a map to see where we would be walking.  We decided to walk all the way around the park.  Wow, look.  We are really close to Mexico.

Mom and Dad took turns going into one of the bird blinds.  One of them always stayed with me because I don't like to be alone.  In fact, I don't like any of us to be away from each other.  We are a family of three (not counting the cat who is really not one of us).  If any of us wanders off, I try really hard to herd that person back.  It is a big job.  Anyway, Dad says that he saw a Baltimore Oriole and a Black Crested Titmouse.  Big woop.  Unless I can chase them out of the yard, I really don't care.

I would much rather spend my time smelling new smells.

After a while, Mom had to go to the bathroom.  This happens a lot with Mom.  Dad secretly took her picture coming out of the "Big John".  So funny!  Mom didn't even know he took the picture and now it is here for everyone to see.  Funny Dad.  He might be in trouble.

We walked to the top of the hawk tower, but did not see any hawks.  I love it up there.  It is so high and you can stand in the wind and see all the way to Mexico.

Mom and Dad were all excited about the water level in the resaca (a lake that used to be a bend in a river) below the tower.  It almost dried up in the drought.  It is not full yet, but it is getting better.  That is a good thing for all the wildlife in the park.

We passed by Dad's favorite tree.  He thinks it looks all eerie and creepy.  He especially likes riding his bike by it at Halloween time.  Just looks like a tree to me.  I really don't understand why Mom and Dad get excited about some things, but I like them anyway.

The sun really was bright.  Me and my shadow..........

When we got back home, Mom's pedometer said that we walked 4.9 miles.  I don't know what that means, but I feel a nap coming on.

Wait a minute..... This day just keeps getting better.  Mom stopped by the mailbox after we got back.  She ordered some special yogurt stuff to put on my dog biscuits and it arrived.  Chaplin used to really like the dog biscuits, but being from south Texas, I have always thought they were a little bland.  Anyway, she glazed the dog biscuits right away and I got to have one.  It  was yummy.

When my parents weren't looking, I helped myself to some more.  (I guess they had to have been looking or there wouldn't be a picture.)

It was a perfect day.  

Now for the "human" picture of the day.....  It got pretty hot during our walk.  When we were close to home, Mom started walking with her arms sticking out.  She told Dad that she was airing her armpits because she forgot to put on deodorant after her shower.  Personally, I think she was very aromatic!


Gin and Syl said...

I think that was a perfect day for everyone. Enjoy your biscuits!

Nancy and Bill said...

Well Bandid, you are one lucky puppy to have such 'SPECIAL' human parents;o)) What a wonderful park to walk.

Hope you have been good so Santa brings you more special treats!!

Nancy and Bill said...

Well Bandid, you are one lucky puppy to have such 'SPECIAL' human parents;o)) What a wonderful park to walk.

Hope you have been good so Santa brings you more special treats!!

Jeff & Barbie said...

Bandido- Glad your Mommy & Daddy let you write a blog like mine did a couple of weeks ago. We furkids have things to say too! Looks like you had a great day and they take good care of you. Those treats looked good! 'Til next time....