Monday, August 15, 2011

Fishers Dog Park & Taking Care of Business in Indiana

Hi all, Dianne here.   What have we missed most about Indiana (apart from our friends and family)?   Home-grown tomatoes, sweet corn, Indiana cantaloupe.   Yum!   Throw in some t-bone steaks (on sale) and wow, what a meal.  The corn and cantaloupe were purchased at the Pendleton Saturday morning farmer's market that my friend, Nancy, and I went to.  The wonderful tomato is from Nancy's garden, as well as the fresh basil.

We are settled in at Glo-Wood Campground outside Lapel, Indiana.  It's a no-frills campground surrounded by corn fields, but the location is perfect for us as far as doctors' appointments, visiting friends, and other "taking care of business" stuff.  We're getting our bikes tuned up, car maintenance/repair, doctor and eye appointments. 
We've had to be early risers on a few mornings, and I got a photo of the sunrise and mist over the corn. 

We're also getting together with friends from "home."  Last weekend we played Mexican Train with our friends Jay and Nancy and Kurt and Susie (mutual friends).  Next weekend we'll be at their  lake place for more summer fun.  
Our camping buddies Chuck and Cindy recommended a local dog park that they take Sophie to.  Pierson Dog Park is in Fishers, Indiana.  It is a membership-only dog park.  We purchased a one-month membership to use for the three weeks we are in this area.  What a well-managed dog park!  It's only a 10-minute drive from where we're staying, so we've gone over there five times already!  Today we had the place all to ourselves and Roger and Bandido played "catch and fetch."  
Bandido even learned to fetch out of the pond.
Saturday there was a large assortment of dogs in attendance and boy, did they have fun!  

There's a pond for swimming (dogs only).

Bandido plays well with others and ran and played with the best of them (including a huge great dane). 

Chaplin, as usual, did his own thing and wandered the perimeter sniffing bushes and watching the fun.  He kept up his "chick magnet" status, of course.

The highlight of Bandido's day on Saturday was when our friend, Chuck, brought Sophie over to play while we were there.  

Such excitement at the gate when they arrived!

The wrestling match picked up right where it left off at Turkey Run.  This time, however, we weren't constantly having to untangle their dog ties.  Lots of running and chasing. 
 After about an hour of fun, they finally wore down and found a shady spot to rest.

Not much else to write about.  We are here until the 29th.  We'll update again if/when we have something worth blogging about!

The pet photo of the day is a two-part photo.  Living with two dogs and a cat requires some adjustment.  (Let's just say Martha Stewart doesn't live here).  We normally keep a slipcover on the couch.  Since it's been so hot and humid here, lately we've substituted a bed sheet over the couch, that can be switched out and then all washed on laundry day.  

Note the bulge under the sheet covering the front of the couch.  Can you guess why Bandido is so interested??  

Just another case of Charlie the cat tormenting Bandido.  Charlie could just as easily be under the couch, where Bandido couldn't reach him.  He finds it a lot more fun to be in front of the couch but under the sheet -- all the better for dog tormenting!  

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Margie and Roger said...

Hey Diane, do you still like your Sunbrella? I think I need one of those - can't sit in the sun due to the medications I'm on. What size or model number did you get?

Love seeing the pet photos! Bandido sure seems to have fit right into your family - lucky dog.