Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Family Fun in the Texas Hill Country

Hi all -- Dianne here.  We had a great time in the Texas Hill Country and San Antonio with our daughters and granddaughter last weekend.  As you can see, we took the girls to Luckenbach for a photo shoot with my favorite longhorn steer.

Both flights arrived at the San Antonio airport right on time, and after stopping by the Guadalupe River RV Resort in Kerrville to give the dogs a quick walk, we drove on to the Grape Creek Winery (our favorite), outside of Fredericksburg.  

Amanda and Robyn enjoyed a wine tasting inside, while Roger and I enjoyed a glass of wine outside with Kaia (she had Coke), listening to the live music.  Kaia amused herself by taking silly photos with her mom's iPhone.  She took this one of me:

When Robyn and Amanda finished their wine tasting, they joined us for a glass of wine outside. 

 Lots of silliness ensued when I tried and tried to get a photo of Robyn.  At the last minute each time I tried, she'd make this face:
Of course, I was laughing hysterically by then:
When we left the winery, we stopped in
 Fredericksburg for dinner and a little shopping. 

Easter Sunday our choices were slim, as most places were closed.  Luckily, Luckenbach had music scheduled for Easter afternoon, so off we went.

Robyn, of course, mugged for the camera when it was her turn to pose on the steer.  

We enjoyed some Shiner beer and live music.  I managed to get a short video of the longhorn steer being ridden to work at the photo area:

Monday meant a return flight to Los Angeles for Robyn, which also meant a return trip to San Antonio. We walked up and down the Riverwalk and stopped for margaritas (Coke for Kaia) and appetizers at the "Republic of Texas" cafe.

This photo of my three pretty girls requires a bit of explanation. You'll notice a yellow arm in the left side of the photo. This photo of Roger was so bad that all four of us females laughed hysterically to the point that he insisted I crop him out of the picture. It's a shame, because I know all of you would have enjoyed a laugh, too! 

Another laugh that we all enjoyed is just out of range of this photo, down at Mandy's behind. A pair of mallard ducks were lurking around, looking for a handout. When none were forthcoming, the female mallard (instinctively knowing the person in our family most likely to give a handout) kept pecking at Mandy's bottom! Lots of laughs and a good time on the Riverwalk.

Robyn modeled a silly hat she saw at one of the tourist shops. By now I'm sure my cousins who read this blog have decided she is her mother's girl, after remembering my photo exploits in younger days.

One highlight of the day was the "Bird Man" who approached Amanda with his birds. It was dad's money well spent to get this photo:

Here's another pretty girl, our grandaughter, Kaia, posing with her new purse and headband that her PopPop bought for her in Fredericksburg at the "Sassy Lassie" boutique.

The pet photo of the day shows Bandido cuddling with Kaia on her bed in our motor home. I wasn't sure how their meeting would go, because Jasper's death hit Kaia really hard. She had grown up with Jasper, after all, spending every day with him at our house from age 2 to age 10. I couldn't interest her in Bandido over the phone, but it didn't take long for the puppy energy to steal her heart when they finally met.

Amanda and Kaia drove to Mission with us and will spend the next few days here, flying home to Florida from McAllen on Saturday morning. Kaia has expressed an interest in writing another "guest blog," so check back soon!

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Nancy and Bill said...

What a great family!! Sure glad to see all the made us smile as we read :o))

Dare you to post the photo of Roger ;o) We'd still luv him regardless!!