Saturday, May 15, 2010

Craigs List Deja Vu

Hi all -- Dianne here.  We've been making some progress toward our goal of being truly "home-free."  Yesterday I spent all day photographing, cleaning, writing ads and then posting on Craig's List for various things such as a lawn mower, snow thrower, hedge trimmer, patio chairs, snow shovels, etc. etc. etc.  (Listed on the Muncie/Anderson Craig's List, for my local friends.)  It was worth it, though, because I've already had a phone call early this morning from a man who is coming to buy our 8-foot step ladder.  

This Craig's List stuff brought back tiring memories of all the work we went through last summer when we sold our main house in Pendleton and almost everything in it.

This time, it's on a much smaller scale.  We're getting rid of things we thought we'd need if we kept this little rental-type house as a summer home base.  Now that we've bought the lot in Texas, we won't need to do ANY yard work, and certainly NO more snow.  

The appraiser came and did a thorough job of appraising this little place.  Kind of disappointing, but realistic nonetheless.  Our next endeavor will be to take on the "For Sale By Owner" task, possibly using Craig's List for the house, too!  

One thing that hasn't changed from our mobile lifestyle to settling in here is that "wine-thirty" comes around every evening (or late afternoon, depending upon what kind of day we've had!)  Jasper has an inner clock and starts badgering us right around 4:30 each day, because he knows that wine-thirty means treat time as well.  Here's the plate I prepared for yesterday's time-out:

It is pleasant to sit outside in the yard and gaze at the farm field across the street.  Roger saw a red fox run across the field the other day.  Last summer when we were here, it was soybeans.  This summer, I guess we'll be watching corn grow.  Pleasant as it is, I know that as soon as we're able to get our chores done here, we'll be anxious to see some new and different views on our way to California next fall!

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