Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hike to the Summit - Stone Mountain, North Carolina

Hi all - Dianne here.  Roger and I are at Stone Mountain State Park near Roaring Gap, North Carolina.  Wow, what a beautiful place!  We'll publish a review of this beautiful campground in a day or so.  We have one of the best camp sites here that we've had since we started out in Dec. '08. 

Hiking is the main attraction here, unless you are a serious rock climber.  I put together a slide show of our beautiful hike up Stone Mountain.  Roger and I took this hike separately, he one day and I the next, because of a medical issue with Chaplin.  Roger dubbed him "The English Patient"; we took turns staying behind with him.  (He's better now, but had a bleeding issue with a spot on his abdomen that we were careful with for a few days.)

The hike started out gradually, then got much steeper and turned into switchbacks near the summit.  Huge areas of granite are exposed here and there.  It was one of the most interesting hikes we've ever done!  

Come along for a hike with us (about four miles; two miles of it uphill!) from the comfort of your computer chair:

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