Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Estero Dog Park with Family & Friends

Hi all -- Dianne here.

Florida has some great county dog parks. One of the local dog parks in Fort Myers is in Estero Community Park, which is very near our campground.

Chuck and Cindy
are every bit as dog-centered as Roger and I, so one of the "must-do's" on our list was to check out the dog park.

On our second visit to the dog park, Amanda and Kaia, plus Kaia's friend, Cheyenne,
met us at the park with Cinnamon, the famous grandpuppy beagle.
We watched Cinnamon play for a while, while Amanda watched over Kaia and Cheyenne as they made a bee-line to the really-cool monkey bars at the adjacent playground. After the girls got their climbing fix, they joined us in the dog park for some doggie playtime.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and the park was filled with dogs of all descriptions. We stayed in the small dog (31 pounds or less) side and all four dogs had a great time running, chasing, sniffing, and fetching.

Mandy took some
cute photos of the girls as they leaped in the air
and mugged for the camera. She also took a photo of Kaia and I which I have labeled "Grandma's Bliss!"
(My Facebook friends have already seen this photo, because I couldn't wait to publish it).

I then took some photos of Kaia and Amanda,
to show just how much Kaia has grown. She is already as tall as her mom (and me), and I know that the next time I see her, I'll be looking UP at her pretty face!!

Kaia and Cheyenne were excited to see several other beagles at the dog park to play with Cinnamon, including a very frisky, cute beagle pup.

Mandy and the girls left to go to a birthday party at Chuckie Cheese for another little friend. (Roger and I looked at each other, said "Whew!" Been there, done that at Chuckie Cheese in years past) -- now it's Mandy's turn!!

Cinnamon rode home in Chuck's big truck with Chuck, Cindy, Roger, me, Jasper, Chaplin, and Sophie. We looked like a doggy daycare school bus! Cinnamon was worn out from playing at the park and fell asleep on Roger's lap
on the way home.
Cinnamon spent the night with us instead of Kaia that night, so it was a quiet happy hour and dinner with Chuck and Cindy and four sleeping dogs!

Check back soon for Roger's blog update on our very-cool kayaking trip down the Estero River.

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