Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parties at Retama Village

Hi all, Dianne here. Roger and I attended two parties at Retama Village last weekend.

The first party, Saturday night, was thrown by Mike Rhodes and the Bentsen Palm Development company for all the owners at Retama, plus the workampers at the RV park. We were invited to attend by Jennifer, the sales agent, when we signed the purchase agreement for our new lot. Jennifer thought it would be a good way for us to meet some of our future neighbors.

The party Saturday night was a Texas BBQ, complete with live band, catered food, and lots of dancing - both line dancing and the Texas Two Step! Roger and I have lots of work to do as far as dance lessons if we are to take part in this in the future....

Jennifer said we should wear our western gear, if we had any. (Denim and cowboy hats was as good as we could do this year!) The party was originally scheduled as a "Welcome Back" party much earlier in the season, but the weather here has been so cold and wet this year that it was pushed back until they quipped that now it was a "Welcome Back/Good-bye 'til Next Season" party!

Since we didn't know a soul at Retama Village yet, Jennifer was kind enough to seat us at a table with some very friendly people. It was a lot of fun and gave us a taste of future gatherings with new friends and neighbors.

Last week when we had the photo op with the golden shovels at our new lot,
we met the two couples who have completed lots with coach houses two doors down from our patch of dirt.

next day we answered a knock on the door of our motorhome and received a party invitation from Jim & Niroo, our future neighbors, to a patio party they were having on Sunday.

We were thrilled to be included and got a taste of how it will be to "hang out" and/or entertain on our patio once it's built. What nice neighbors!

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