Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Quiet Thanksgiving

Roger here....
Dianne worked five, eleven-hour days this week so we did not have much time to discuss what we would be doing for Thanksgiving. Luckily, Thursday was not a scheduled work day for Dianne; otherwise, she would have had to work.

Last year the temp agency we work for organized a dinner for its workampers - not this year. We checked to see if any local restaurants would be open - no. We heard that we could drive fifty miles and eat at one of the local casinos, but since neither one of us are gamblers, that did not have much appeal. The only two feasible choices were to eat a normal meal in the motor home, OR to fix Thanksgiving dinner in the motor home. The first option seemed a little dull, sooo.... having the rookie cook, me, cook the dinner sounded like fun. How difficult can it be to roast a turkey? Dianne thought it would be great fun watching me try.

I was able to find a crock pot turkey breast and dressing recipe in Dianne's computer files. On Tuesday, I drove her to work at 4:30 a.m. so I could have the car to go to the grocery to buy the turkey breast and the fixins. It was actually kind of fun - much better than stowing merchandise at Amazon. The local Coffeyville ladies thought it was a hoot as I examined several varieties of frozen turkey breasts.

During the next two days, I kept myself busy thawing out the turkey in the fridge - hard work. On Thanksgiving morning I doffed my chef's hat (a retirement gift from my friend, Chris Graves - long story).
Since Dianne did not have a chef's hat and was not allowed to cook, she got to wear the plastic netting from the turkey breast. We are so festive here in our motor home.

The fun began with Bloody Marys garnished with fresh celery stalks served in our finest souvenir plastic cups.
The cashier at the Coffeyville liquor store did not like my choice of Bloody Mary mix, sending me back to get a bottle of very spicy Zing Zang mix. I am glad she did - so good that we drank them before I had a chance to take a picture!

It took a while to mix up the ingredients for the crock pot, but since the turkey slow cooked for eight hours, most of the day was pretty quiet. Dianne spent time looking at maps and info to get ready for our much anticipated sojourn to the warm weather in southern Texas - can't wait.
Since Purdue and the Colts were not playing, I spent most of the day channel surfing and relaxing. (By the way, I was able to see my 6th ranked Purdue Boilermakers beat 9th ranked Tennessee in the Paradise Jam in the Virgin Islands earlier in the week - quite a game!)

When it was time for dinner, the boys hovered around Dianne
for the inevitable handout that they knew she would give them. We enjoyed turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy, and pea salad. Dianne also had cranberry salad prepared by the skilled hands of local grocery personnel. Dessert was pecan pie, also from the grocery.

We received phone calls from both our daughters, Robyn and Amanda - wish they (and our granddaughter, Kaia) could have been with us. Robyn finished her performance stint on the NCL cruise ship in Hawaii and is back in Chicago. She will be moving to Los Angeles at the first of the year. Amanda is still doing well in Ft. Myers, Florida. We will be seeing her and Kaia in March. Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet day. Food, naps, TV, reading.

And what of the leftover turkey????? Turkey salad the next day.
(Dianne here: Both meals were DELICIOUS. All I can say is, WHATTA GUY!!!)

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Margie said...

Looked like you had good fun for Thanksgiving along with a great meal. Dianne may never want to work again since she has become a princess. Roger can now add "chef" to his resume.