Thursday, October 29, 2009

Purdue - Ohio State Football Upset

Well, you can take the boy out of Indiana, but you can't take....

Since we have the weekend shift, it's a good thing Roger works nights so that he can still catch his Saturday college football games!   The money spent on Direct TV for our motorhome was money well spent, because no matter where we are, Roger can get the Big Ten Network.   He was so excited at the outcome of the Purdue - Ohio State game that he took photos of the fans rushing the field!   I was working my day shift at Amazon at the time, so I missed all the excitement.   I'm surprised I didn't hear his whoops and yells five miles away at work; I'm SURE everyone in the campground did!!

Roger's brother, Dick, also graduated from Purdue, and on football and basketball days the  phone lines heat up between Washington State and wherever we are parked, while they discuss the game at half time and afterwards.   I'm a little tardy in uploading these photos for a blog, but when Roger wakes up I'll have him add his belated "commentary.

Roger here... After Purdue's miserable performances this season - flashes of brilliance followed by unbelievable turnovers, I decided that I was not going to put myself through another three hours of misery  watching an Ohio State debacle.  I intended to take a nap before going in for my night shift, but decided to turn on the game for just a minute to see how far Purdue was behind.  It was half way through the third quarter and we were AHEAD!  Not only that, we did not blow our lead and won the game.  So much for the nap.  

It brought back memories of another Purdue-Ohio State game,  when Drew Brees completed an across-the-field pass at the very end of the game for a spectacular win.  That pass took Purdue to the Rose Bowl.  Dianne and I were at the game, and even Dianne was excited.  We followed the crowd onto the field and decided at that moment that we would travel to the Rose Bowl, which we did.  Good memories.

I have a Purdue flag that we fly when we are in Indiana.  Unfortunately, it consists of a black "P" on a gold background - very recognizable in Big Ten country, but probably not so much in Kansas.  I figured that people in the campground would think we were Steeler fans, so I did not get it out.  Since we intend to travel all over the country, it is time for a new flag.

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