Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Enid Lake Corps of Engineers - Northern Mississippi

Hi all -- Dianne here.  We have not updated our blog for two reasons:  We've been boondocking without electricity for a couple of nights, and also I wanted to leave the New Orleans Wedding blog up for a while, because I know there are people checking in just for that (who know the bride).  If you are looking for Jen's wedding, scroll down to the blog just below this one.

After leaving New Orleans, we spent a day driving through Louisiana and Mississippi as we traveled to the northwestern corner of Mississippi.  It was a very pretty drive through the wooded and hilly sections of the state.  Once again, we found ourselves in a beautiful Corps of Engineers campground on a large, scenic lake.  We took several shots of the view from our camp site, including a red-headed woodpecker that Roger captured a shot of as he landed on our stone picnic table.  (Actually it was the bird who landed on the picnic table, not Roger, as my wording made it sound!)

Our time there was too short, only a couple of days, but we enjoyed it thoroughly!

From there we drove to Aux Arc Corps of Engineers campground on the Arkansas River, which had a LOT of nice surprises, so check back soon as we will update the blog again in a day or so!

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