Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Florida Friends + Summit Lake State Park

Hi all, Dianne here.
Our two weeks here at Summit Lake State Park have gone by so quickly! We finally had a chance to take some photos so that we can describe this park for you.
We have so many places to see and travel to all over the U.S., but I know that I will always have a yearning for springtime in Indiana.

Best of all, our new friends from Franklin Lock Campground in Florida, Harry and Bobbi, came for a quick visit and set up camp next to us for a couple of days.

It was so good to see them! We always learn SO MUCH talking to them when we are together. For instance, this time they knew we plan to go to Texas next winter, so they brought their photos from their winter Texas trip. They gave us lots of good ideas of places to see and camp. They also gave us the idea of perhaps taking an extra day to get to New Orleans and following the Natchez Trace instead of just zipping down the interstate next week.

Harry can fix anything and has a lot of RV knowledge, and he even showed Roger how to fix a pesky bay latch that had been driving us nuts. We expected to have to replace the lock and spend big bucks on it, but Harry fixed it for us and showed us what to do if/when the other latches act up. This has been bugging us since we left Indiana last December, so we are thrilled to have this new knowledge!

Yesterday, the four of us hiked on one of the trails with the dogs.

The wildflowers are in full bloom here, and the weather was mild and sunny. A perfect day! Bobbi and I took lots of photos. I'm sure she will post hers on their blog (see our blog links for Have Trailer Will Travel).

Last night we enjoyed a pitch-together supper outside and a campfire and more good

conversation. We know we'll cross paths again, probably in Michigan next time (where they live).

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