Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friends in Ft. Myers + New Puppy for "Auntie Dianne"

Hi all - Dianne here.  We've been here at the Groves in Ft. Myers with camping friends from home for a week now.  When we planned this two weeks with our friends, Chuck & Cindy, we chose this RV park for its location, because it allows dogs, and has wi-fi (Chuck needs it for work).  The sites are pretty small with no privacy, but it has a GREAT laundry facility and the location is perfect for us.   It's very near Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers beach.  An unexpected bonus is that the folks staying here this winter (many in park models) are just as friendly as can be.  Maybe the friendliest bunch we've met so far!   I think this has something to do with the fact that they DO allow dogs here, and we all know how wonderful dog lovers are!!

This is the first chance we've had to update the blog, as we've been busy socializing with our friends, Chuck & Cindy, from home while they are down for a two-week vacation.  

 Cindy had been wanting a dog for quite a while (thanks to camping with us and our dogs in the past).   For her birthday recently, Chuck surprised her with a new puppy!   Little Sophie is 13 weeks old, and is a cross between a dachsund and a Boston terrier (called a "Dachston" or "Bodach", depending on what you read).  Of course, "Auntie Dianne" promptly fell in love with her new little four-legged "niece" and these photos will explain why.  What a cutie!!

We've taken turns cooking for the four of us. 

 These photos were taken at their Montana Fifth Wheel site, complete with Indiana University flag, chair, and trash bin. 

 Of course, we had to dig out our Purdue flag

 with OUR Purdue trash bin in response to that, especially since the NCAA tournament is the focus of attention this week.

   The outdoor TV at OUR site has gotten a lot of use as we watch the tournament games in the beautiful Florida weather.  Go Boilers!!   Roger is VERY excited that they are now in the Sweet Sixteen.  

The four adults plus three dogs piled into Chuck's big truck and drove to 

Barkingham dog park outside Ft. Myers on Buckingham Road.   This is a very nice dog park with separate areas for large and small dogs, agility equipment, and even on-leash "doggie trails" outside the fenced area.  The dogs had a great time running, chasing, fetching, and just sniffing around. 

  Little Sophie ran and played with Jasper and Chaplin.  She quickly learned how to get a drink from the doggie water fountain and socialized well with some new doggie friends that day at the park.

 As you can see

 from the last two photos, all three dogs were "dog tired" on the ride home from the dog park!

Roger here....  For all the people who know me, you probably know how stressed I was over the Purdue games.  Our satellite did not work here due to an unfortunate tree :(.  The good news is that Cindy got a call from mutual "HSE" friends who now live on Ft. Myers Beach.  We managed to find an establishment that had the March Madness feed so that we could see the Northern Iowa game.  Our friends' daughter was a Purdue grad so the atmosphere was great, especially after the bar (establishment) filled with other Purdue fans.   Last night's game was also, NOT ON TV in the south.  I managed to keep track of the game with the updated scores on the upper left side of the screen (very frustrating), and did get to see the end of the game.  My brother was able to attend the games in Portland.  (He and his family live there.)  SWEET SIXTEEN.  GO BOILERS!!!!!   
We have another week with the Gemmers in Ft. Myers before we pick up our daughter and granddaughter on the way to Disney.  We will have some great updates from Sanibel Island and other locations before that happens.  Did I say, Go Boilers, beat UConn?  

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