Thursday, January 15, 2009

South Beach, Miami + Campsite

Hi all, Dianne here.   Well, the cold front hit hard even down here; we had to actually wear long sleeves today!   (Sorry, I couldn't resist that).  It has been pretty comical to watch the local weather on the Miami/Fort Lauderdale news with their dire predictions of the current cold front.  Good grief, I know my friends in Indiana would LOVE to have lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s right now!   My granddaughter's school was actually cancelled today, just due to the bitter Indiana cold.   

Now for some shameless self-promotion:  Our house is back on the market now, if anyone would like a lovely Victorian home in an idyllic small town setting!   The  MLS listing number is 2900560 and can be viewed at the F.C. Tucker real estate web site.  (I don't know how to link it).   I sure hope it sells while we're down South, but I realize that is a pipe dream.   There is an extensive album of outdoor shots taken in all seasons at our house that can be viewed at:  We have actually had one showing since it went back on the market January 5; I guess there's always hope....   

There is a huge flock of boat-tailed grackles who make an appearance in the grass next to our site every afternoon.   Charlie the cat heard their commotion and wanted outside REALLY badly.   We decided to put on his cat harness (yes, there is such a thing) and bring him outside with us while we got our daily fix of "Ellen" at 5:00 on the TV outside. 
  At first he rolled around and tried to wriggle out of it, but he finally settled down and then actually enjoyed himself stalking the birds.

We had an especially pretty sunset last night here at the camp site.  

Charlie the cat would have enjoyed the tropical birds we spotted in a palm tree while walking around South Beach this afternoon.   There was a whole flock of monk or canary-winged parakeets (not sure which) flying around and making a loud racket.  We decided to drive down A1A just to look around Miami and South Beach.  It was an interesting afternoon.  We parked and walked around for about an hour, just sightseeing.   The final photos are just random shots of South Beach, some even taken from the car.    When we were walking up and down Lincoln Road, we spotted some lovely orchids growing in a tree and an interesting fruit of some kind.  

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